The Past Is Present at the Haunted Antique Shop

Step inside the Haunted Antique Shop, and you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time. You’ll be surrounded by antiques that were loved and cherished by earlier generations, in a Craftsman bungalow that was built in 1920.

You’ll also find yourself surrounded by spirits. Some are the ghosts of people who lived here. Some are spirits who treasured the antiques in our collection. And some come through the door with living visitors, hoping to reconnect during a spirit tarot reading.

Frequently Asked Questions

By Corrine Kenner, Owner of the Haunted Antique Shop

Is the Haunted Antique Shop really haunted? Yes. We like to describe it as “gently haunted.”

How can you tell? Some of our merchandise seems to move on its own. Displays rearrange themselves, lights turn on and off, and doors open and close on their own. We also hear voices and footsteps in empty rooms, and sometimes we hear “phantom customers” open the door and walk in. When we try to greet them, no one’s there.

Is the shop haunted, or are the antiques haunted? Both.

Do you know anything about the ghosts who haunt your shop? Yes. We think we have several “resident ghosts” who used to live here. We’ve researched the history of the house and the people who lived here, so we can tell you about them.

Is it scary? Are you afraid? No, it’s not scary at all. The shop is cheerful and bright, and our ghosts are friendly.

If I buy something from the shop, will a ghost follow me home? It’s possible, but we’ve never had any complaints. We have had several ghosts follow customers into the shop from somewhere else, though.

Do you offer tours? Yes. Treat yourself to our paranormal museum tour, and you’ll learn more about the ghosts and hauntings in the shop. We also offer Gently Haunted Ghost Walk Tours and Gently Haunted Driving Tours of our favorite “neighborhood haunts” here in DeLand, including the Athens Theatre, Chess Park, and two haunted hotels.

Are you a real store? Do you sell antiques? Do you buy antiques? Yes, yes, and yes. We specialize in high-end collectibles and home décor. We’ll also consider any haunted antiques you’d like to sell.

Where do you get your merchandise? We buy from estate sales, garage sales, auctions, and private collectors.

Are you psychic? Yes, I’m naturally intuitive, but I think everyone is. I’ve honed my skills through work and study: I’m a certified tarot master and a credentialed astrologer, and I’ve written several books on psychic development.

Did you come from a psychic family? My father was a mail carrier and my mother was a teacher, so we were pretty mainstream. Even so, they did freely discuss psychic phenomena while I was growing up. My dad used to tell us about his out-of-body experiences, and my mom had psychic dreams.

Do you see ghosts? I hear ghosts more often than I see them, but yes, I can sense spirits.

Can I bring my paranormal team to investigate the shop? Yes. If you’re a paranormal investigator or part of a ghost-hunting team, you can book the shop for after-hours research. Click here for details.

What’s your background? I started my career as a newspaper reporter and magazine editor. I also have a degree in philosophy from California State University. When I first discovered tarot cards, I realized they were great tools for communication and creative writing. I never planned to own a retail store. When I stumbled across a neighborhood antique shop that was up for sale, I bought it — but I was actually just looking for a place where I could write and teach.

Do you live in the Haunted Antique Shop? No, my husband and I have a house three blocks away. For what it’s worth, it’s haunted, too.

Where are you located? The shop’s address is 612 West New York Avenue in DeLand, Florida. We’re off the I-4 corridor between Daytona Beach and Orlando. For a map and driving directions, visit our website at

What’s your favorite item in the shop? I like everything here, but I’m probably most fond of Haunted Charlie, the doll who serves as the ghostly guardian of the shop.